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Jul 8, 2019 |
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Intruders, Begone!

When it comes to intruders, whether at a residence or place of business, PSM enforces a zero-tolerance policy.
As the old adage goes: better safe than sorry. All instances of unauthorised activity are challenged and investigated by our discerning operators, who know from experience that seemingly innocuous activity can be deceiving.

For instance, this week at one of our residential sites, two people were seen taking a stroll around the property. Not much about the couple’s appearance or conduct might have aroused suspicion... That is, until our operators issued audio warnings and had them making for the exit.

Following up on this questionable behaviour, our operators liaised with a keyholder, who confirmed that the people seen on site were in fact trespassers; the keyholder then made it their mission to attend the premises.

Another incident took place at a car dealership that we monitor: an unidentified male was spotted trying to open car doors. Apparently having no such luck, he quickly disappeared behind a one of several rows of parked vehicles. Audio warnings were issued, and we received no further activity for an extended period of time. Some may have concluded the investigation there—but not us.

Our operators suspected that the man, whilst out of sight of the cameras, had managed to gain entry to a van, and was hiding inside. After contacting a security officer and guiding them to the van in question, our operators’ suspicions were confirmed, and the police were called to arrest the uninvited guest.

This just demonstrates that one can hardly be overprotective when dealing with the safety and security of one’s home and livelihood.

Truly great work team, thank you!