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May 20, 2019
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We provide remote monitoring to a diverse range of clients including jewellery depots which requires the type of specialist security measures that PSM provide.

Within 14 seconds of 2 intruders jumping over the fence and tripping a detector as they approached the building containing extremely high value stock; our skilled operators received the alarm, verified the breach of security and issued audio warnings to prevent a criminal attack.  The trespassers fled the scene as quickly as they arrived, however returned an hour later with a larger gang.

They clearly do not realise that we always have full situational awareness when our customer premises are under attack.  Regardless of the gang size or equipment being used, we will continue to prevent criminal activity, notify the emergency services and communicate everything we see to the police.

Without our service, our client would have suffered extreme financial loss, loss of productivity and damage to reputation for non-fulfilment of orders; not to mention damage to the property.

Well done team for maintaining our 100% success rate in catching criminals for our customers.

May 13, 2019
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We are delighted to announce that on Friday 17th May 2019, Kerry Jones, Co-Founder & CEO, is the sponsor and guest speaker at National Security Inspectorate - North West meeting.

We very much look forward to presenting to like-minded business owners who share our values and passion for protecting homes and businesses; at the consistently largest attended NSI meeting in the country.

NSI is recognised as the leading certification body for the fire and security industries in the UK. They maintain a register of Approved Companies to regulate the highest standards demanded by the police and fire emergency services and the insurance industry. NSI are renowned in our industry for being strict, thorough and professional. PSM are proud to hold the highest accreditation possible, NSI Gold.

Apr 29, 2019
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One of our newest clients, a fabric manufacturer in the North West, has certainly felt the benefit and value for money of our service.

Since monitoring commenced 4 weeks ago, we have prevented 3 break ins.

With our skilled operators, immediate response to alarms and audio warning preventative system, 99% of the time, criminals do abandon their plans to attack.

We love nothing more than stopping criminals in their tracks and protecting our client’s properties 24/7. 

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